Frederick H. Degnan

Fred Degnan,

a partner in the firm’s FDA & Life Sciences Practice Group, came to King & Spalding in 1988 bringing with him over eleven years of broad experience in FDA’s Office of the Chief Counsel. From 1980 to 1988, Mr. Degnan served as FDA’s Associate Chief Counsel for Foods and as an Associate Chief Counsel for Enforcement. His career at FDA included extensive experience with food and drug issues including safety, nutrition and health, labeling, good manufacturing practice, packaging, biotechnology and the use of risk assessment and risk management in the regulation of the safety of food components. He was FDA’s attorney liaison with DEA and Chairman of the Interagency Council on Drug Control. He also had substantial litigation and enforcement responsibilities and appeared on behalf of FDA in over thirty states.

At King & Spalding, Mr. Degnan specializes primarily in food law. He handles a wide array of food safety, biotechnology, good manufacturing practice and labeling issues as well as occasional CPSC-related issues. He represents several large multinational food companies, a number of domestic food producers, and several international science-based nonprofit associations. Mr. Degnan served for eight years as General Counsel to the Food and Drug Law Institute and from 2009 to 2010 he served as Chair of the organization’s Board.

From 1989 through 2010, in addition to his responsibilities at King & Spalding, he taught food and drug law at the Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law where he served as a “Distinguished Lecturer.” He has published and lectured extensively on FDA-related issues and is the author of the book FDA’s Creative Application of the Law: Not Merely A Collection of Words (Second Edition, 2006), a consideration of FDA’s implementation of its statutory authority to adapt to the practical demands of modern regulation.

While at FDA, Mr. Degnan received the agency’s highest awards. In 2002, Mr. Degnan received the FDLI Distinguished Leadership Award for his contributions to the food and drug community. In independently conducted surveys, Mr. Degnan has consistently ranked among the top food and drug lawyers both “nationwide” (Chambers USA; LMG Life Sciences “Life Sciences Star”) and in Washington, D.C., (Washingtonian Magazine “Best” Lawyers; Law & Politics Washington, D.C., “Super Lawyers,” and Best Lawyers in America.

From 2008 through 2014 Chambers USA designated Mr. Degnan as one of three lawyers nationwide practicing food and beverage law who merit the organization’s highest ranking, “Band 1.” Chambers has observed that Mr. Degnan has been praised by sources for his ability “to bridge and explain the different disciplines of law and science.” Chambers has also reported that clients have described him as “the perfect balance between expertise and client service” and as seeing “issues from the point of view of FDA as well as the client” and as providing “just the right balance of legal innovation and conservative responsibility … to help maintain an excellent relationship with FDA.” Chambers also notes that Mr. Degnan “is a go-to guy for serious regulatory problems … superb, very experienced, very professional.’” LMG Life Sciences stated these views: “Fred is an extraordinary person and a dedicated and devoted lawyer – very thoughtful, resourceful and very involved in the FDA industry … a positive force in the broader FDA ecosystem.”

Mr. Degnan received his undergraduate degree, cum laude, from the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts and his law degree from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.



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Areas of Practice 1) FDA & Life Sciences , 2) Crisis Management , 3) Crisis Management: Food and 4) Pharma/Biotech/Med Devices
Law School J.D., Georgetown University
Education B.A., cum laude, College of the Holy Cross
Bar Member / Association State bar of District of Columbia,State bar Virginia
Most recent firm King & Spalding LLP