Top 10 Reasons Attorneys Should Always Accept Invitations to Appear on Panels

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Oftentimes, attorneys are asked to speak at an industry conference or seminar. I advise that attorney to offer his or her assistance in assembling and moderating a panel of experts in lieu of the solo speaking engagement. Why do I push for the panel? Doesn't it take some of the spotlight away from the attorney?

The reason is that moderating a panel offers a number of business development opportunities that would be unavailable if the partner were alone on the podium.

There are inherent advantages in our attorneys being able to invite referral sources, clients and prospective sources of business to be on our panel. My "ultimate panel" is as follows:

Moderator: chairman of one of our ...

A Strategy for Long-Term Content Promotion for Law Firms

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Many law firms began to adopt content promotion as part of their overall social media strategies. However, the growth of content promotion brought many negative connotations to the name of ‘promotions.’ The biggest problem with most content promotion strategies that law firms have is the push for quick results, instead of an investment in a long-term plan.

Yes, content promotion can provide quick boosts and great short-term results. Unfortunately, those results appear as quickly as they can sublimate into the sunset. If you plan on investing in content promotion, then you shouldn’t waste successes; instead use them to build your network, social media assets, and brand.

You finally crea ...

14 Things That PPC Management Companies Like Need to Know Before Starting Work for a Law Firm PPC Client

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1. Who is the decision maker for the client? Frequently you will work with numerous people who represent your client. They may all have valuable input, but you need to agree on which one is in charge. Who has the final say if a decision needs to be made? If you don’t determine this before moving forward, any answers you get to the following items may come into question if there is a problem down the road.

2. What are the fees and terms? You need to have a contract that outlines how much the client has agreed to pay and what they get in return. You also need to include a minimum time commitment to ensure that you have enough time to properly optimize the campaigns and try to meet the clien ...

Top 6 Reasons You Should Purchase PPC Keywords for Your Law Firm Name

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At first, the argument that you don’t need to buy ads for your brand if you rank organically makes sense. Why would you purposely buy ads that will (generally) be displayed above your organic positions and pay for clicks on keywords that you could get free clicks on? Why would you spend time and money managing a campaign with your brand keywords when you have organic positions for them? But is this really true? Are you wasting your money on brand ads when you have organic positions? I’m going to convince you the answer is no. You should buy brand keywords, regardless of how strong your organic positions are. Here’s why….

Ads and organic positions have a symbiotic relationship. Many peopl ...