What Panda 4.1 Means for Your Legal Blog

When marketing your law firm or legal services online, keeping mindful of Google’s algorithms, how they generate your traffic, is vital to optimization. Google’s 2014 update of Panda, 4.1, which improves their longstanding search filter, is designed specifically to cull high quality sites from lower, ensuring the top results on the SERP include only the beefiest and thickest websites.

What this means for you is simple enough: interrogate your website’s content, and remove pages that are thin, while building up the leaner pages. The more valuable information you are able to provide for searchers, the more Google will boost you, and your traffic will increase. This follows the basic principle that you have to give to get. It should also keep you austere in providing the best information you can, and not watering it down, or giving low quality content just to attract attention. Take the time to provide the information they are actually looking for. Not only will Google reward you, but the searchers will appreciate it as well, making for higher conversion rates.

Panda’s process uses both their typical filtering algorithms, but also user feedback. Take the time to audit your site and remove the clutter and filler. This will impress Google, of course, and thus generate traffic, but it will also impress your viewers, who prefer things to be simple, direct, and useful.

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