5 Tactics for Attorneys to Increase Conversion Rates

Converting a visitor to a customer takes all the nuance and subtlety of fly fishing, and like fishing there are some basic principles to hold to that will make it all come together.

Testimonials: Visitors are skittish. They know the web is a big place and a lot of bad stuff goes down in it, and further, that their money is hard earned. They are easily confused, easily spooked, and want, more than anything, a friendly face with a smile they can trust to let them know it is okay, they are making the right choice, there is nothing to fear. Instilling this trust will work if you can encourage your current customers to express gratitude in the form of testimonials, either with a write up, preferably with a picture to humanize the words, or better yet, and this is the one you should strive for, with video testimonial.

Words are words, but when you can see a client who is grateful they trusted your services, see their eyes and smile, whom they can believe, they will trust you, they will choose you, you will make your conversion.

Case Results: Talk yourself up. Don’t talk vaguely about your principles and your integrity, but talk results, man. Tell your potential clients exactly what you’ve secured in the past, what money you’ve gotten your former clients, what situations they were in, what difference you made. These stories are assuring, and stories mean a whole lot more than bald statistics, which, lacking the backing of a good yarn, are cold and unconvincing. Your potential client is in a situation and wants out of it. That’s why he’s seeking you out. Let him know you’ve faced this situation before and won. Inspire confidence.

Awards: Every bit of authority you can heap on yourself, be it awards, nominations, or any honors you’ve received, pan you out as an accomplished and reliable figure. We all know that titles and degrees have a hypnotic effect on others, so couching your successes amidst your webpages will not turn anybody off, except your competition, but will only assure potential clients that you are the sort of person who deserves to win awards, and will likely win him his case.

Visible Contact Information: Have your number and a link to contact forms available on every page. Web surfers are lazy, in a rush, likely to lose interest as quick as blink, so give them no excuse to turn away from your page, but place your number and a link to a contact form on every page, right there next to where their mouse is likely to rest.

Local Reviews: Skittish visitors will want to seek out reviews to see if you are legitimate. Why not put a few reviews mixed in with your pages, as a sort of garnish, letting them know you are pleasant to work with, and likely to generate favorable impressions on all who would bother to review you. This is another way to build trust and reputation.

Make your page streamlined and simple. There should be no difficulty leading your viewer to exactly where you want them to go. They will trust you the more they understand you.

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