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20 Factors in Google Ranking

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The algorithm Google uses to provide search results changes all the time, but there are some factors that any webmaster ought to keep in mind while developing his webpage. This list will help give you some orientation during the perilous task of getting traffic and making those conversions.

Domain Age: Whether your domain is new or old makes a difference but not a big difference.

Top Level Domain Keywords make less a difference than before, but still matter.

First Word in Domain does make a difference in setting a keyword.

Longer domain registration makes a site look more legitimate, and boosts ranking.

Exact Match Domains are useful only if you have a quality site. Google che ...

How Designers of Law Firm Websites Can Create Law Firm Infographics That Work

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The job of a designer of infographics is to disregard all of the complications designers are facing, and look at the infographic (“IG”) for its ability to go viral. Being able to diagnose issues early on in the wireframe is pivotal in saving time, money, and a lot of yawns on the Internet. For most IG fails, there are two categories: manic/over-done designs, and depressive/lazy ones.



INDICATIONS: Nausea, vomiting, quick click-aways, bad buzz, or sudden *faceplam*

• Complex Color Schemes
• More Than 3 Font Faces, Colors, and Sizes
• Inconsistent Images

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There isn’t an infographic publis ...

What Panda 4.1 Means for Your Legal Blog

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When marketing your law firm or legal services online, keeping mindful of Google’s algorithms, how they generate your traffic, is vital to optimization. Google’s 2014 update of Panda, 4.1, which improves their longstanding search filter, is designed specifically to cull high quality sites from lower, ensuring the top results on the SERP include only the beefiest and thickest websites.

What this means for you is simple enough: interrogate your website’s content, and remove pages that are thin, while building up the leaner pages. The more valuable information you are able to provide for searchers, the more Google will boost you, and your traffic will increase. This follows the basic princip ...

Top Google Algorithm Changes of 2014

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Each year, Google makes about half a thousand changes to their famous algorithm, the mathematical apparatus that determines what their search engine turns up for a query. Though not all these changes are noteworthy to search engine optimizers, some of them are valuable in aligning how the date of change corresponds to changes in page rankings and website traffic.

Keeping in this spirit, we are offering the major 2014 Google updates alongside their corresponding dates. Changes in traffic at around those dates can demonstrate how those tweaks and updates effect how web pages are found on the web.

Pirate 2.0, October 21, 2014

This change mostly hit torrent sites, who were downranked in ...

22 Legitimate Uses of Black Hat SEO Tactics

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Just as there are two sides to the Force, the light side and the dark, so there are two sides of SEO: white hat and black hat. Black hat tactics are the sorts of cheats and corruptions that weak SEO’s might be tempted to use, the way a struggling athlete may consider performance enhancing drugs. Don’t be that loser. But nevertheless, consider this: doctors take the Hippocratic oath, and nevertheless spend their careers poisoning their patients (with medications) and chopping them up (with scalpels), so even if you are dedicated to your white hat tactics, which well you should be, you could learn a few things from the nefarious scheming of black hatters, such as what to avoid, naturally enoug ...

How Law Firm Websites Can Get Links from Widgets, Quizzes and Other Types of Interactive Content

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The capacity to create high-quality widgets and other interactive pieces of content makes for a valuable linkbait strategy that can increase incoming traffic, create returning users, and further develop a website’s influence online.

While creating these types of linkbait takes skill, originality, and creativity, it can be an almost sure-proof method to get more links to a website.


Widgets work great because once they are launched, they can incorporate links back to the original website that created it. They are basically small programs that run within a frame or box, like a mortgage calculator or a body fat estimator. Users input values in order to get their customized resul ...

How to Create Interactive Law Firm Content That Gets Readers to Respond (i.e., Content That Gets Law Firm Clients)

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The right content convinces readers to be responsive and interactive with the message. With powerful phraseology and elegant typography, intriguing messages contained in prose make the text feel as collaborative as a think tank.

If you want to learn to write text that will have readers frantic to respond, then employ these psychologically-driven messages. Here are the second five of the 40 secrets to create powerful prose, which are applied by content czars, divas, diplomats, and vendors, alike. Over the next six weeks, I’ll be giving away the remaining 30 secrets to improve your content creation game.


If an acquaintance gives you a gift—even something you hate and ...

Top 5 Ways Lawyers Can Brainstorm for Creative Content for Their Law Firm Websites

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Many a creative mind is unable to spontaneously produce a list of 20 fascinating ideas for a limited topic on the spot, especially if a group is watching, waiting, and planning strategies for seeding and promotion around said, uncreated ideas. What should you do when a team is waiting for your brilliance to start pouring forth, but nothing is sparking?

Rather than stress yourself out and scrawl down the first, lame ideas that strike you (such as a fallacious ‘top ten greatest of all time’ list, or the indulgently obvious ‘top ten best’ idea), take a moment to marinate in your creative juices.

Demand time and space to be compelling, or explain that instant gratification will lead to ...

How Law Firms Can Hire Writers Who Write Content That Gets Links

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Law firms recruiting new talent for quality web prose may seem easy, but it can be a challenge for seasoned content managers. Because ‘good writers’ may only be good at one style of writing, for example, journalistic, turning them into linkbait jockeys can be impossible. Therefore a ‘good writer’ may be a sub-par linkbait writer, even if he or she can produce fantastic newspaper pieces.

How does a recruiter identify talent, if not by the quality of writing? Here are a few tips for finding the right writer to groom, resources to help prospects become linkbait ninjas, and pitfalls to avoid during the training process.


1. Teachable is Better Than Taught

If you can speak to ...

What Every Law Firm Needs to Know to Rank Highly in Search Engines for the Next 400 Years

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Not too long ago, I was asked to speak to a large audience for a Tony Robbin's business seminar about search engine optimization. Unfortunately, there were a couple of problems with giving this talk:

I only had 20 minutes;
None of the people were technologically versed; and,
The people had paid $10,000 to be there for a few days and all wanted easy strategies that would rocket their sites to the top of the search engines.

If I had about 30 days and 10 hours a day, I could teach you the most important concepts of search engine optimization. However, I can also teach you 95% of what you need to know and what will help you the most in less than 10 minutes. You also do not need to be ...